"Everything that is - Is Alive !"

Dr Allen Goodwin

Shamanic Practitioner

Devon, England

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism, as a spiritual practice has deep roots, it is estimated to be at least 40,000 to 60,000 years old and as such is found within all inhabited continents. It is not a religion; it is found side by side with many established religions. It is typically more prevalent within animistic cultures (cultures that have a belief in spirits). Shamanism comprises of methods through which an individual journey to non-ordinary reality in a state altered consciousness in order to heal, divine, find information concerning a matter, and many other things. shamanic practitioners do this in concert with spirits, often referred to as “Allies” or “Spirit Guides.” It is their relationship, and strength thereof, that allows the shamanic practitioner to do their work. The fact that these techniques have survived for at least 40,000 years is a verification of their power and utility.

  • Shamanic practitioner as healer

    Although the shamanic practitioner uses all (and there are many) spiritual resources at their disposal in order to undertake healing, they do not (and should not) exclude other methods of healing. They are only concerned with the well-being (spiritual, physical and emotional) of the client as such they welcome any other process that may help the client. After all, is it not all about the welfare of the client? Traditionally, the shaman of the tribe would involve the bone setter and the herbalist within the tribe. Ultimately it is only the client that matters to the shamanic practitioner.

  • Shamanic Practitioner as Seer

    Shamanic practice may involve divination. In such instances the Shamanic practitioner may undertake a journey on behalf of a client in order to answer a specific concern or question. This again is undertaken in tandem with his/her own spirit allies. This also can be achieved by the client through themselves learning "soulfight" through the process of Shamanic Journeying.

  • Shamanic practice within the Environment

    As Shamanic practice by default is Animistic, there is a great appreciation of the environment in which we find ourselves. Shamanic practitioners are aware that there is no separation from the environment in which we find ourselves. All is bound within spirit, therefore places (Land, Building) can suffer injury, pain and trauma which are then mirrored towards ourselves. It is the role of the Shamanic Practitioner to attend to this to restore balance within our surroundings so that it may flourish with us. Traumatised or damaged places often result in a sense of unease, opression or bad luck. It is the role of the shamanic practitioner to restore these places back to being whole.

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