"Everything that is - Is Alive !"

Dr Allen Goodwin

Shamanic Practitioner

Devon, England

About me

Dr Allen Goodwin (BSc (Hons), PhD)

I have spent the last twenty years as a full-time senior University lecturer in Psychology focussing mainly in the areas of Research Methods and Statistics, Neuroscience and Visual Perception. I have received numerous prestigious university inspirational teaching awards and am a contract published author.

My animistic perspective has resulted in over thirty years of Druidic and Shamanic Practice. In 2013 I discarded my academic career as an act of faith and relocated to the place of my late youth. I now reside in Devon, devoting myself to my family and as a professionally trained shamanic practitioner (both in core and classical Shamanic techniques).

In all my work, I aim to facilitate a greater connection for my clients to develop their sense of connection to their true self and their sense of place within their own lives. My work is all about the empowerment of the client, gently helping to restore their own link to their spiritual power thereby restoring balance, peace, and harmony. In Shamanism, the maintenance of this personal spiritual power is essential to well-being.

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