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Dr Allen Goodwin

Shamanic Practitioner

Devon, England

Shamanic Healing

Dealing with Trauma: From a shamanic perspective illness or disease is brought about when a person may have suffered damage or trauma (whether spiritual, physical or emotional) in a single event, or the consequence of cumulative upsets which has led to the manifestation of the present illness or disease. Shamanic practitioners do not (and should not) exclude other methods of healing. They are only concerned with the well-being (spiritual, physical and emotional) of the client as such they welcome any other process that may help the client. After all, is it not all about the welfare of the client? Shamanic healing does not replace western medicine, if sick or ill, then seek out a medical professional.Traditionally, the shaman of the tribe would involve the bone setter and/or the herbalist within the tribe.

What happens during a healing?

For Shamanic healing the client is always fully dressed. At no stage during the healing process is it essential for there to be any physical contact between shamanic practitioner and client. The client is requested to make themselves comfortable, usually lying down on a blanket on the floor. During the healing the client is simply told to be comfortable and relax (some have been known to fall asleep!) Clients who can Shamanically Journey are encouraged to do so to facilitate the process. The Shamanic practitioner through their voice, rattle of drum then enters a full state of shamanic consciousness into non-ordinary reality calling forth their spiritual allies through which the healing is undertaken. The Shamanic practitioner may shift in and out of this state during certain phases of the healing, in order to report to the client, to make sure that the client is well etc. Within the healing session several or all of the above powerful shamanic techniques may be combined.

As all shamanic work is spirit lead, even though there may be strong therapeutic and psychological reactions. The shamanic practitioner will undertake a diagnostic journey in order to ascertain the client’s malady from a spiritual perspective. With this information, the work is undertaken. A number of powerful, Shamanic techniques may be employed. These may include, although they are in no way exclusive; Soul Retrieval, Intrusion Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Removal of Obstructions, Ancestral Line Healing, to name but a few.

Shamanic Healing Session Fee: £ 75 (Approximately 1 - 2 hours)

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