"Everything that is - Is Alive !"

Dr Allen Goodwin

Shamanic Practitioner

Devon, England

Land and House Clearance and Restoration

We cannot separate ourselves from the places we walk and live in. Living in a place which is unhealthy is de-facto unhealthy for us. The animistic consequence of shamanism is that everything has life, everything has a soul, therefore a place can also suffer trauma. Therefore, these places need to be cleared and restored to their natural balance. Traumatised or damaged places often result in the following:

  • A sense of unease, oppression, repeated nightmares, unexplained fear of certain places either all the time or at certain times (often more clearly felt and expressed by children).

  • Animals behaving oddly, out of character, avoiding certain areas.

  • Constant accidents, higher than expected incidence of illness.

  • Repeated unexplained occurrences.

  • An inability to sell the property despite contrary expectations.

It may also be that there is a disruption of the natural flow of energy about or around the place which needs to be restored. It may also require psychopomp work (guiding of souls to the place of their rest) or the restoration of both Spirits of Nature and Nature Spirits to their place. All land and house clearances are done on site. Never remotely. (This does not mean that I have to invade every space of your house or place of work - standing next to the property is often sufficient).

Fee £65 (in situ). Travelling expenses may be asked for distances greater than 20 miles


(From the Latin dinivare, or to foresee, to predict, or to be inspired by the Divine)

Divination does not only provide answers to questions that people have about their life, but can also be seen as a methodology through which disjointed aspects of a person's life can be organised to provide insight into the problems that may surround them. With greater insight and clarity, a more purposeful direction may be chosen.

The shamanic practitioner sets out to ascertain the root of the question from which all aspects flow and to provide an answer to the client's enquiry. There are many divinatory methods available to the shamanic practitioner. These include, soul-flight, the casting of divinatory objects or direct oracular revelation. All methods involve entering a shamanic state of consciousness.

With every divination, the shamanic practitioner is also obligated to determine whether the client requires any power restoration and/or healing to enable them to continue unincumbered upon their chosen path.

Fee: £55.


Wyrdworking (Fate-working) has strong Anglo-Saxon and Nordic roots.

This work is an examination of constraints and choices that the client has available to them. It reflects a process whereby rather than swimming against the tide the client makes full use of the tides and winds in their favour in order to optimise their desired direction of travel – in all aspects of their life.

Traditionally, a person is made up of multiple interwoven aspects. The most obvious being the “Lyke” (body) and “Hyde” (its physical appearance). Yet, of equal importance are the “Myne” (memory and emotions), the Hyge/Hidge (conscious thought), the Willa (willpower), the Wód/Wode (inspiration), the Mód (Self-Identity) along with Maegen (Spiritual Strength), and Hamingja (personal luck or fortune). These aspects influence the way people react to things. Some responses are positive and life enhancing, yet others are life constricting.

Past reactions and present responses affect our future. Historically, Fate (Wyrd) itself was understood as the effect of the past (Urðr), present (Verðandi) and future/debts (Skuld) that are woven into the tapestry of our life. To move forward, to change things as individuals, we need to change our relationship with the Wyrd. This requires an examination of not only internal factors but also external factors in one’s life.

Wyrdworking is not focussed primarily on healing (although often required) – per-se, but on strengthening the client’s internal resources and ability to see their place within the shifting tides of their lives or how to move past a point of stagnation. Wyrdworking focusses on empowering the client and minimising energy loss as they walk through life. Ultimately, as with all aspects of Shamanism it is all about strengthening the client’s power and independence to attain true sovereignty.

The basis of this work is extending/teaching the client’s abilities of soul-flight, critical self-examination, Galdr and utilising the Uthark Rune system to examine and chart their journey through Urd’s web navigating their Wyrd.

Session Fee: £75 (approximately 1-2 hours in duration)


Shamanic practitioners are not only concerned with the healing people into life, but also the healing of people into death - Psychopomp.

Traditionally the shamanic practitioner conducts the soul of the deceased where it needs to go next, ensuring that the transition goes smoothly. There are times when souls for some reason remain behind. This can cause inadvertent disruption (especially if they feel they are bound to a place or person). The Shamanic practitioner attends to these souls lovingly, with compassion, to heal them and direct them back to their home. This is a sacred calling.

Dealing with dying and death, especially in western societies, can be considered a taboo subject. However, for those dying the shamanic practitioner may be of service.

Fee: negotiable and very much dependent on circumstances (please feel free to contact).

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