"Everything that is - Is Alive !"

Dr Allen Goodwin

Shamanic Practitioner

Devon, England

"After having received various healing sessions from Allen in the realms of Shamanic work. I can state that I have found his work to be very deep and life changing. The presence and understanding with which he approaches the work and his methods are profound and powerful yet gentle, administered and articulated with care, humour and eloquence, he has a compassion and clarity which is rare among individuals. The strength and tenacity to stay with very difficult work until its completion is both admirable and trustable. It is a gift to know someone who has such a depth of knowledge and the ability to hold a space of non judgemental awareness. This has enabled me to unfold knowing I am safe.

I can honestly say that in one afternoon, the work which Allen facilitated changed many of my deep triggers and outlooks upon life, it gave me an understanding of my shadow responses and the responses of my direct ancestors, this has re-patterned my understanding of many past traumas, allowing me to view these situations with compassion, strength and kindness. This has had more of an effect on me than years of talking therapies ever could. I am a better version of me than before our connection and I have shared one of my deepest soul journeys in the presence of what I consider to be a truly connected being."

Daren Palmer

"I have known Allen for many years; we first met when both students on the professional Shamanic healing practitioner course.

Allen was always my preferred trainee partner as whilst he showed a love of humour, that encouraged ease in others, he had an innate sensitivity toward the need of the one he worked with and a deep passion for the work, leading you to total belief in that he would achieve the best healing outcome for you possible.

I knew that I was in the most compassionate of healing hands when paired with Allen. I came to very much appreciate his depth of sensitivity and compassion in respect of the nature of this healing paradigm. Right from the start he was a true professional, right from the start he employed his gifts of sight, awareness and aptitude for the work, to the full benefit of the client. His feedback bringing calm, health assurance and understanding of what it was the client most needed to hear.

I can say without reservation that with Allen you will be receiving healing care from one who walked the rigours of this training course with total dedication, despite many a hardship was unfailing in his endeavours to become the very best shamanic healer that he was able. I can also say without reservation that having him on the course, for a great many I would suggest made the course difficulties and hardship appear less so, with his unfailing words of encouragement, humour and actions of kind support.

Whilst shamanic practitioners ever increase in number, I feel that those with discernment will see and find Allen to be a true gem and will never doubt on meeting him, that they made the right call, in respect of their health care wellness and wellbeing."

Jean Ormerod (MSc BSc BA Hons) Shamanic Practitioner

"Allen is a very caring inspirational Shamanic teacher with much wisdom and knowledge. Have received much guidance, teachings and healing and would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone. In his healing area, there is a feeling of safety, great energy and compassion."


"I found Allen a very skilled teacher of shamanic journeying, giving clear explanations and creating a secure atmosphere for learning. His healing is done with a deft touch, extremely powerful work done gently, with clear messages conveyed."

R.I. Vet.

"Allen is a great teacher, he is patient and inspiring. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for spiritual development. I have attended shamanic workshops and ceremonies with Allen and the setting is welcoming, cosy and relaxing perfect environment to experience shamanic journeys. He is always patient, helpful and answers your questions. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for spiritual healing and guidance."


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